Monday, June 19, 2017


I won't take something on my kayak or pack it for a camping trip unless it serves multiple purposes. For a long time, my solar panel kit was the only exception to that rule, because what else can you do with solar chargers than charge things, right? Not anymore. GOAL ZERO SWITCH 10 MULTI-TOOL KIT  opens the multi-use doorway and gives you both power and function.

Once the Switch 10 arrived, I stuck it in my truck and it was amazing how often I used it, even often the water. Nearly everyday I'd charge things with the Switch 10, either for a quick recharge of my phone in the afternoon, or a between-locations charge of my action cameras. The solar-capable power source isn't the only reason why the Switch 10 is so cool though, it's way more than that.

The entire kit includes a solar panel for endless charging off the sun, a lightweight fan attachment, usb charging cables and best of all, a crazy useful flashlight attachment. All of that and it's still small enough to fit into a PFD pocket (sans panel, which can hang on the back of your seat). Fish all day and store enough power to charge up your device at night, either on your way home or back at camp.

The flashlight attachment is so handy, I can't imagine life without it anymore. There are two settings to the light's beam, capable of putting out 110 Lumens. The wide angle setting let me light up the trail and see what I was about to step on, while the tighter beam let me look deeper into the night, piercing the darkness. There is also a high power mode for maximum light, or a low power mode to extend the battery life.

The fan attachment is going to be great for those hot days or long portages between fishing spots. It's easy to use and runs quietly, instead of buzzing in your face. This is a powerul little fan that you'll be relieved to have in your pocket or PFD for fast heat relief.

Powerful Specs:

Replaceable Lithium Ion Battery Replaceable (3,000mAh/11Wh) lightweight, high power density battery. Instant-on technology for easy, plug-and-play power. LED battery level indicator and pass-through capability.
Quick Charge USB Port Intelligent Charging for any USB-powered device. (1.5A Output) Delivers smart power without overcharging or discharging.
Device Specific Cables USB & Micro USB tangle-free charging for phones and tablets. Certified cables for efficient charging.
Solar Ready Built-in charging tip. No extra cable to lose. Charge up in 4 hours from any USB port - in 4 hours of full sun from the Nomad 7 Solar Panel
Switch Flashlight (110 Lumens) Wide angle for lighting up the trail or piercing the darkness. High power for maximum light, low power for extended runtimes.

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